With more than 21 billion euros in assets under management and about 640 staff, HIH Group is one of Germany's leading managers of real estate and real estate investments. The HIH Group is composed of the companies HIH Real Estate, Warburg-HIH Invest Real Estate, HIH Property Management and INTREAL.

HIH Real Estate offers end-to-end services for commercial real estate, while simultaneously serving in the Group's holding function. Services include asset management, letting management, property management, project development and institutional advisory. Warburg-HIH Invest Real Estate covers the entire spectrum of real estate investments for institutional investors. INTREAL as autonomously operating service KVG (third-party AIFM) focuses exclusively on launching and managing real estate funds on behalf of third parties.

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“HIH Group employs more than 640 professionals to manage real assets of more than EUR 21 billion.“

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